Lowballed or denied claims from Hurricane Irma or Michael? Get what you're owed.

If you haven't heard from your insurance company — or their offer is lower than you expected — you may be entitled to full compensation from them.


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hurricane irma & michael legal claims

Do you Have a Claim?

In our experience, victims often deserve tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars more than the insurance companies offer for hurricane claims. And trying to negotiate or renegotiate with the insurance companies directly can mean even more money lost. We're here to level the playing field. We'll dispute unfair insurance company estimates and shut down other tricks.


hurricane irma & michael claims

Why would an Insurance Company "Lowball" a Client?

Simply put — many Insurance companies have a financial incentive to do so. Insurance companies know that people are desperate and vulnerable and that the longer they hold out, the more people will feel forced to take their lowball offer. These tactics let insurers save millions, either by underpaying or not paying claims at all. If you've experienced any of these issues, you may have a claim against your insurance company.

Business Damages

Relates to damage of your place of work; whether leased or owned.

House Damages

Relates to damage on your primary residence, vacation or rental properties.

Business Interruption

If you've lost revenue from your business, you could be entitled to compensation for lost income.

Damages Below Deductible

A common trick used by insurance companies to deny or underpay coverage.

Get the Compensation you Deserve

If you've received a lowball offer, let us give you a second opinion on the true value of your loss. Our highly qualified professionals will conduct a thorough investigation and give you a more realistic replacement value, at no cost or obligation.


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hurricane irma & michael insurance claims

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